02 April


When we start to climb a huge mountain, sometimes we doubt that we can make it, such is the challenge in front of us  then we start negotiating with our body and in return it convinces our head that it's possible. Meanwhile, a few kilometers were left behind and we start to feel good, warming up with that endorphyn rush exciting our brain and boosting our legs. At this point, you start to thank yourself for resisting that initial urge to quit and embrace all the fun and pain that you are about to feel proportional to the harshness of the climbs. This preamble is just to remind you that the relation we have with cycling is for sure Love, because like this feeling we actually can't explain in a rational way why we subject our bodies and souls to such extreme conditions. At Sunday Morning Bike Tours our passion is to ride across Portugal, climb the highest mountains roll through the undulating landscapes of the innerland and share that unique feeling with whom we know feels the same: yes, you know it's you! We offer all the conditions so that you can only focus on each stage, great hotels, passionate Tour Designers, mechanical support, visiting secluded villages, great food, massages, nutrition and so much more. The only thing you must conquer is the summits of the mountains or that rolling and undulating road. You have to push hard to deserve it! We'll be there right by your side with our Tour Designer or support vehicle but for sure we are not going to ride for you! And for sure you don't want it too!